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Program at SJAM- click to see what is new!!!!reach ahead 14.png

We use this link so that everyone in class has the opportunity to play j

eopardy!!! The timestamp lets me know who answered first.

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Number Sense
and Algebra
Linear Relations
Analytic Geometry
Measurement and Geometry

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And Trigonometry
Modeling Linear
Quadratic Relations
Analytic Geometry
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I am so excited to be presenting at ISTE14 in Atlanta this June. "Mobile Meets Blended: Happily Ever After"


Sept 2013
Very exciting preparing for D2L Ignite in Guelph on Sept 26 and London D2L Symposium in London on Oct 2. Check it out!

May 2013
SJAM Transitions Days... :)
"How can we make you feel like part of SJAM?"

"A good teacher will..."

"A good student will..."

Spring 2013 What am I learning...

GAFEsummit in Ontario, April 2013
so much to share :)
Coming soon! Click here

Survey at Census at School

Blogging at life in education

I can use to create lesson content for D2L
I can use LaTeX editor to add math equations into D2L quizzes

I can find textbook materials at ck12
I can go to mathbits to do an investigation of the age of celebrities, and use scatterplots to analyze data

I just found - I love the words you can create there...



seen it? heard about it? using it?

What an amazing opportunity to connect online with all students!

great learning August 8, 2012 at ...


Headed to ISTE 2012 in June!!! Hope to see you there!
Presenting the "did they Get it?" assessment and Edmodo

ISTE conference

OAME 2012 in Kingston
Lots of great strategies shared... and using Edmodo as your home base...
using google forms

OAME 2011
What a great conference! I loved being able to share my favourite strategies with so many math teachers!!!
For details about my presentation - click here...
Transform Assessment Practices - Engage Digital Learners

Enjoy this pi day video....

Welcome to "Math-on-the-move"!!!!

What are we doing right now?

Assessment and Technology...

Assessment and Digital Learner

Using google docs in math class... see

Mathematics: Watt a Wonderful Wiki
How to create a survey...

Great additions to the ESL/ELL math page...

ELL Math

Ipod Ideas... Making a list...


Brock University Presentation -
"Literacy in Math"

Ipods in math class - fabulous!!!!

Some of our stuff...
Check out the class wiki and algebra problems/solutions...
Ms. Rees' classes

Trying out Glogs...

Quadratics at Glendale
Using ipods for Math

Bitstrips for Schools

Bitstrips for schools

=Have you checked out mathCLIPS lately?????



Working with kids today.... (Pssst... watch the WHOLE video...)

This wiki will be updated regularly to provide students and teachers with webcasts and podcasts to supplement their teaching efforts.

Materials at this site are based on mathematics curriculum expectations for grade 9 and 10 in Ontario, Canada.

Ever feel this way about a MATH problem? "I can't see it!"

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