Innovative Blended Learning Math class at Sir John A. Macdonald, Hamilton, Canada.
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60% face to face
40% online with D2L
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integration of google apps for education...
google docs, spreadsheets, forms
engaging smartboard lessons including...

teacher directed and
small group activities

student and teacher made
youtube or teachertube
khan academy
interactive iPad explorations including use of ...

nearpod: push your presentation to each device, ipad or ipod or even android,
include drawing activities

educreations: student and teacher created videos for sharing

used for formative assessment and predicting lesson outcomes everyone becomes part of the conversation

quizard lite: an engaging ipad app that uses quizlet flashcards to review in different ways

graphing calculator app


QR code reader

padlet wall for sharing
cloze activities
collaborative inquiry and problem solving

use of TIPS4RM materials
developing a math talk learning community
links to favourite sites including...

explorelearning and gizmos
Census at School
What kinds of things do we post in the d2l classroom?
pdfs, docs
ppts - even through slideshare (need embed code)
nearpod images from sessions
web links ie. info, game sites, wikis
videos: teacher or student made
educreations videos - teacher can get embed code from educreations site
embed activities like quizlet
create lessons with a resource like

What the Students Said!

Here are a few items/links that you may want to try adding to your sandbox.

a youtube video
create a new file
choose insert stuff
you can search youtube directly from the Insert Stuff Window
a quizlet card set
you will need to grab the embed code from the site

your favourite website
copy the URL
Paste for "create a link"
a pdf or word doc or ppt from your files

an educreations video
you don't need an account - just choose a video

Exit Card

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Choosing Devices...
At this time, our class does not have access to Chromebooks. My recent learning opportunity at GAFEsummit Ontario has exposed me to the potential of the Chromebook. At this spot, I am brainstorming my thoughts about each device.


presentation opps with
- nearpod - love this one!!!!

amazing apps for review
- quizlet, quizard lite, numerous math games, ...

making videos to record student thinking aloud
- educreations, screenchomp, showme, etc

apps to make creative posters
-photo wall, comic touch, ...

apps for brainstorming
- popplet, corkulous, t-chart, ...

great calculators
- fluid math, free graphing calc, my script calculator, etc

easy access to d2l
because we share our devices across many students, classes,
we have not set up an email account on each device
- this makes product delivery challenging as some apps will upload to dropbox or evernote or ....
this is not consistent across all apps

does not play Flash
- cannot do mangahigh, explorelearning gizmos, ...

can integrate with google drive - but not all features of google apps are possible on ipad

less expensive than iPad
runs Chrome Browser - each student can customize their login
integrates with google drive seamlessly - super for our school which has GAFE

easy access to d2L
always requires wifi- would be a challenge in our school
Want to help me consider the options?

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