Making connection between various representations for Linear Relations

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Getting started in Linear Relations...
Finding Rate of Change

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Rate of Change is Slope is Rise/Run is (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1)

We know that we can write a linear relation in the form...
C = (initial value) + (Rate of Change)n
So.... if a dance costs $5 to get in and $1.50 per beverage - what would be an appropriate equation?
C = 5 + 1.5n

Try this Coordinates Maze Game...

Or create your own scatterplot here...

Scatterplot Terminology
Stock the shelves to practice plotting points here...
Stock shelves

Linear Relations Matching Activity

small group
large group
- just match
- play concentration, go fish type games
- use as AFL opportunity with individuals
- four corners style activities
- inside outside circle
- think- pair share

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