Formative Assessment and Technology Options

I am an avid user of technology in the classroom. I am always looking for options...
So what have I looked at...
- for advanced features like reporting, an upgraded account is recommended
- this is new for me
- I like the check in feature
- students can self enrol
- can prepare questions in advance
- students need not be in same room
smart response clickers

- free ipad app
google forms
- recent ability to embed images and video in google forms makes it an excellent tool!
- many types of questions: multiple choice, scale, choose from list, short answer, paragraph,etc
- flexibility to add pages based on results in a mult choice question
- with script "flubaroo" installed, some automatic grading is possible
- have used this mostly as an information tool - T giving info to Ss
- easy to use
- brainstorming capabilities
- caution - students may not always participate appropriately - be careful in projector mode
- sticky note type website
- reflections
- brainstorming
ipad app - student version is free, but teacher version is paid
nearpod logo.png
- amazing as can be presentation with integrated formative assessment options including draw, poll, multiple choice, short answer
- like the reporting feature as even the draw images are available for re use in class, or online environment
- free for small presentations
- paid for advanced features
- very versatile - can be used on any device