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ELLs and EQAO????
Supporting ELL Learners in Math Class from Stanford

One size (learning) does NOT fit all.

has "speller" game that reads words aloud!!!


Using Interactive Whiteboard to Engage English Language Learners...

Interact with the possibilities in this ready to use notebook file.

WOW!!! Check out the amazing possibilities in this accompanying video.

Q: Hmmm... Is this not the premise for Differentiated Instruction?
A good place to start.... From the Ministry -

Grade 9 Word Wall for Measurement and Geometry

- includes: pyramid vs prism, volume, area, perimeter, composite figure, pythagorean theorem


Ok - great! I put the words up on the wall... now what?

Use your word wall daily as a teaching tool...
- include sentence prompts
- combine with use of objects/manipulatives/real life examples
- use your visual images in your lessons - smartboard, powerpoint, etc
- refer to your images on your word wall regularly - repeated exposure
- use your visual images to assist students when they are completing worksheets
- smaller versions for personal student use will help when discussing or approaching problem sets
- use your visual word wall cards as instructional tools for organizing information ie. venn diagrams, t-charts, mapping
- use your word wall posters for group activities like four corners
- try using your words and their visuals as a matching activity - can you match the "words" to the picture? focus on making connections
- images can be used on your class wikis, websites, etc.
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Measurement and Geometry

Use the Frayer model as a template for your word wall cards.
Have students generate the frayer model.
Encourage students to encorporate their own "images" or sentence prompts from their own culture/language to help with language acquisition
Student Generated Frayer Model

Blank frayer model template for smartboard

Frayer model for area and perimeter
This file includes clickable links to pages with examples.

Thinking about Assessment...


More Possibilities...
- include visual cues on assessments (assignments,quizzes, tests,etc.)
- conference with student to assess understanding ie. orally
- make reference to posted word wall cards on the assessment


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